Interview 5

The Interview project is a personal project by which the photographer, Justin Polkey, interviews a model he has worked with. The interview is then processed into a shoot and offered as images rather than words. His intention: “Hopefully the result has neither the insincerity of advertising nor the narcissism of self published social media.”

“I met Lara B in Cape Town at a casting and was immediately struck by her look that seemed to have time traveled here from another era. My normal opening question of “what do you do with your spare time, any hobbies or passions?” was answered nonchalantly by “I play the cello”. So we penciled a shoot date.”

“There is little in the way of a written description needed when someone is involved in an art as expressive as music. Lara and I
headed to Elgin, a small farming town outside of Cape Town, to find a natural habitat where she could play us “The Swan” – Carnival of Animals on her cello. Though the result remains conceptual I think it is very close to the person that Lara Burger is.”



Starring – Lara Burger
Director – Justin Polkey
Photographer – Justin Polkey
DOP – Ryan Janssens
Drone – Robin Taylor
Editor – Luka Scott
Wardrobe – Emma Menteath
Make Up – Michi Schietzel