Ellesse SS21

ellesse ss21  Our very own director Dillon Buirski and DOP Patrick Spilsbury were approached at the end of 2020 to collaborate on Ellesse's summer campaign, shot right here in the lovely Cape Town and its surroundings. And thus we bring you ellesse ss21. . Ellesse ss21---------  location, location, location With astonishing

The X-Trainer

  The X-Trainer    2021 started off with a bang!   When the X-Trainer team first approached us with the idea and a full service production scope for their XT campaign towards the end of 2020, we sunk our teeth in immediately. Who would not want to delve into a


    Credits: Director - Dillon Buirski Production - Anja Marais / we are_ Directing Assistant - Luka Scott / we are_ DOP - Jason Hearn 1st AC - Patrick Spilsbury Loader - Nicholas Spilsbury Gaffer - Badger Bloemraad 1st Lighting Assist - Kyle Brooks 2nd Lighting Assist - John Ndakama Assistant - Carl Martin HMU - Robyn-Lee

we are_ post

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