tanya & friends

Director - Maxime Thaysen Fashion - Superbalist⁠ Production - we are_ creative⁠ Music - Gina Jeanz ⁠ DOP - Nicol Dippenaar⁠ Editor - Luka Scott HMU - Mary Gouveia Cast - Tanya and Tanya, Tommy and Thomas, Mousa, Nathan, Catherine, Kamilia and Ruth


Director/Photographer - Petros Studio DOP - Steven Michelsen Models - Puntin Anahi & Jeanne Cremers Makeup - Anna Payne Hair - Mark Francome Painter Casting - Sarah Maria Booth Editor - Luka Scott

Interview 5

The Interview project is a personal project by which the photographer, Justin Polkey, interviews a model he has worked with. The interview is then processed into a shoot and offered as images rather than words. His intention: “Hopefully the result has neither the insincerity of

Lonely cowboy

In this lonely desert Where two Romeos meet a star crossed lovers retreat Look at you smoking under these neon lights Makes me wonder how you spend your nights I spent mine looking for someone like you I'll dry your glistening tears if you wipe away all my fears Oh my gosh, aren't


Africa Is Now and designer Onisimo have teamed up to create a lookbook for his latest showcasing ONEIAM. The we are creative team was thrilled to be a part of this culmination of creativity reflecting an authentic, intentional illustration of what it means to be at